Our conversations and language are infused with imagery of spirit.  

Aside from the spirits you find at your local happy hour… 

You hope your favorite sports team gives a spirited performance.  

You receive a compliment in the spirit in which it was intended. 

You enjoy spirited conversations with friends.  

What do these images share in common?

We often articulate spirit in ways that are invisible but palpable.  The spirit of an event or community is powerfully present but not specifically detectable.  It affects the feel, the vibe, the culture and even the direction of a moment or event.

Jesus promised “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  He promised to send the Holy Spirit.  

In scripture, God’s Holy Spirit is described as the Counselor, Advocate, and Comforter.  This is the “Power from on high” that Jesus promised to all who follow him.  It is the third Person of the Trinity that transforms you from within… and empowers you to go out to change the world.

This Sunday we come to Pentecost, the celebration of God sending the Holy Spirit to be among us… and within us.   

Where are you needing God’s graceful presence?

Where do you need encouragement?

Where do you need to be assured that God is with you?

All of this is assured and reconfirmed at Pentecost.

I’m excited to enter the season of Pentecost together as we remember, receive and celebrate God’s Holy Spirit in our midst.

Please join in this Sunday, May 28 (and each Sunday) at Renew as we receive the Holy Spirit together to both heal us… and launch us in mission to renew our neighborhoods, city and world!