Renew Church is amazingly active in our mission to renew our neighborhoods, city and world.  

We don’t aim to be a mega-church… but we do strive to have mega-impact with Jesus’ resurrection renewal wherever we go!

It’s exhilarating.  

It’s inspiring.  

It’s transforming our city and growing us up in the process!  

And it takes an incredible amount of energy, drive, and perseverance as we pour ourselves out.

Personally, I’m a “go-go-go” person.  Much of my life is lived at high speed and my calendar is incredibly full.  As a pastor, husband, parent, friend, church-planting coach, executive coach and board member for North Park Main Street… if I don’t intentionally take time out to recharge, I know it’s a matter of “when” not “if” I’ll begin to break down and burn out.

And I imagine you are the same way.

Jesus impresses me not only as the savior of the world(!), but also as an incredibly wise and gracious leader who directs his people in mission. He sends us out to be his hands and feet of renewal, empowers us with the Holy Spirit, lifts us up when we stumble and forgives us when we fail… and… he invites us to rest.

In the midst of the non-stop activity of proclaiming and embodying the Kingdom of God’s peace, Jesus prioritized getting away to a quiet place to rest and refresh (Mark 1:35).  

As he called others to join him, Jesus invited his friends, “Come away with me and get some rest” (Mark 6: 31).

The word recreation is the joining of re (again) and creation.  It’s designed to make you new, to refresh you and renew you.

In the midst of your summer plans… I hope you get some rest and re-creation.  We have some terrific opportunities for connection, joy and rest together and I want to be there with you!

Here’s our summer calendar for re-creation and connection: Summer Socials  

We’ll be adding to it throughout the summer.

I encourage you to place at least 2 of these (or all) on your calendar as we’re reunited with God, reconnected with one another and redirected outward to serve all our neighbors!  These are also terrific opportunities to invite friends, neighbors and colleagues into the joy of the community as we rest and refresh together.

Peace, Grace, and Rest to you!

Pastor Matt

View ’23 Summer Socials