Our methodology of partnering with international ministries to renew the world includes two principles.  

First, we don’t do a thousand things in a shallow way… we partner with a few ministries deeply, with relationships to people who are local to the people they serve.  

Second, these relationships are focused on “solidarity, not charity.”  We don’t come in as the American church with resources to patronize our global neighbors with mere financial support (although we do strive to invest financially, generously and sacrificially).  

We see ourselves as having something to offer… and much to learn and gain from relationships with our brothers and sisters around the world.  

Here’s a look at our global ministry partners.  When you join in the vibrant community of Renew and jump into the mission to renew our neighborhoods, city and world… you are joining a tremendous network of God’s renewal around the world!

Cross Presence | Tijuana, Mexico

Our relationship with Cross Presence began in 2018 at a peak moment of the migrant crisis at the Tijuana-San Diego border, one of the busiest border crossings in the world.  Thousands of migrants from Central and South America were camped in Tijuana, fleeing brutal violence and crushing poverty.  The Co-Founding Director of Global Immersion Project (from which Cross Presence was birthed), Jon Huckins, asked Pastor Matt to organize and transport a quick response team of pastors, doctors and nurses to set up an emergency clinic outside Benito Juarez Stadium in Tijuana.  Thousands of migrants were in need of medical assistance from the effects of their long journey, physical violence, and lack of nutrition.  Renew’s quick response in partnering with Cross Presence staff began a powerful friendship that has expanded into supporting the ongoing and expanding ministry among brothers and sisters in need.  We’re inspired and grateful to be partners with leaders like Samuel Perez, a brilliant Tijuana local leader who is heading up thoughtful, sustainable development of housing, job opportunities and care for people in the most desperate situations in life. 

Harvesters | South Sudan + Uganda

Harvesters sustains a top-notch orphanage, school, and hospital in Yei, South Sudan.  They also maintain a school, orphanage and medical clinic in Terekeka, South Sudan.  In response to the fluid and dynamic needs that arise from years of war, Harvesters established the highest-rated school in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda, where many South Sudanese people have fled from violence in a war zone back home.  In addition to supporting the work of the Board of Harvesters and financially supporting the hospitals and clinics that save hundreds of lives every month (focusing on women and children), Pastor Matt has visited the hospital, orphanage and school in Yei, South Sudan.  Our hope is to form another team of medical professionals to support the healing work of the hospital, and continue developing our relationship with brothers and sisters in South Sudan.

Masala Ministries | Chennai, India

Masala Ministries was founded by Jai and Sarah Seelan, beloved members of the Renew Community.  Jai grew up in Chennai and continues to stay connected to his hometown and the needs of his neighborhood.  Jai and Sarah spent the early years of their marriage in Chennai and experienced the beauty and brokenness of the people first-hand.  After moving to San Diego, they continue to partner with trusted local leaders in Chennai, striving to embody the good news of Christ among the most vulnerable by focusing on helping widows and orphans.