Who Is Your Neighbor?

Everyone around you is your neighbor!

The first Saturday of every month, neighbors who don’t have homes gather with neighbors who live in homes to enjoy food, live music and fun together. Those of us who woke up in a warm bed share a table and conversation with our neighbors who woke up on a doorstep or under an overpass. New friendships are made as local musicians share their music, all while filling our bellies with hot dogs and burgers from the grill! Oh yeah, and there’s usually a game of cornhole (beanbag toss) in progress.

People who walk past each other and talk past each other come together with joy and connection, and our vision of what it means to be a neighbor expands. The tapestry of our neighborhood is woven even tighter with meaningful friendships being formed.

On this day, nobody goes hungry. Nobody needs to be alone. Joy is the main product of knowing your neighbor!

An additional adventure ensues most days as children are invited by Florence, our children’s minister, along with other parents and caregivers to beautify the neighborhood by picking up litter on the sidewalks (using those neat trash-pickup-extender-thingies and gloves, of course). They return hungry, wash their hands and jump into all the food they can eat (or that their grown-ups will allow).

This is a meaningful opportunity to get to know people at Renew Church and in the wider community.

To join in, simply come to the south courtyard of the church 1st Saturday of the month between 11am-1pm. All ages are welcome.

3725 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104

Know Your Neighbor


11:00am - 1:00pm